Turkey roaming costs

Travelling to Turkey can be an exhilarating adventure, but using your phone while abroad can be an expensive affair due to high Turkey roaming costs. When making calls or using data, you have to pay two phone companies – your network provider that bills you for the call and a Turkish provider that connects the call.


It’s essential to note that Turkey is not part of the European Union’s roaming zone, meaning that the costs and roaming conditions are different from those you may have experienced in other European countries. Most UK networks charge customers for any calls, texts, or data used during their stay in Turkey, and the Turkey roaming costs for data and calls can be quite expensive.

Turkey roaming charges

To avoid unexpected bills and additional Turkey roaming costs, it’s advisable to take some precautions. One of the options is to turn off mobile data and roaming services when you arrive in Turkey and rely on Wi-Fi to access the internet. Many hotels, restaurants, and cafes provide free Wi-Fi, making it a great way to stay connected without incurring additional costs.


Alternatively, you can use messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Viber to stay in touch with friends and family. These apps use Wi-Fi or data instead of traditional phone networks, making them cheaper than using your phone’s standard network for international communication.

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Are there roaming charges in Turkey

Turkey is a captivating and beautiful country to explore, but it’s crucial to be mindful of the potential Turkey roaming costs when using your phone. It’s important to check with your network provider before you travel and consider alternative options such as Wi-Fi and messaging apps to avoid unexpected bills. By taking these precautions, you can enjoy your time in Turkey without worrying about excessive phone bills.

FLEXeSIM challenges Sky high roaming charges in Turkey

RoamingExpert provides personalised plans that cater to the specific needs of travellers to Turkey, providing cost-saving opportunities and uninterrupted work for users. With RoamingExpert’s tailored plans, users can stay connected without worrying about high Turkey roaming costs.

In Conclusion: Roaming charges in Turkey moving forward

In conclusion, it is essential to understand that roaming charges in Turkey apply, and there is no regulation for fee structures. Travellers should recognise these charges and pre-empt and opt for a bespoke mobile roaming solution from RoamingExpert.

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