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FrogBox - SIM Card Order Form

Your serial number and recommended Network will appear in your onboarding email.

We recommend using the Network suggested by FrogBox support. This network will have shown best coverage for your Cricket ground when researched.

To ensure the best connectivity:

Test your FrogBox system onsite at the Cricket ground without delay using the recommended network SIM. If the network signal is not sufficient, a change of network SIM may be required.

Monthly price: 02 Network £20.00 | Vodafone £30.00 | EE £33.00 (All prices are inclusive V.A.T)

RoamingExpert include a second SIM card as standard, which uses the Vodafone network. This second SIM will not require activation, but will need the router APN settings adjusting.

Please note:

This can only be done during office hours, Monday to Friday under guidance from the technical support team at FrogBox. Contact information and a process guide is included with the second SIM card

Your SIM card is on a 30 day rolling contract. This can be cancelled at anytime. Your SIM can be cancelled and then re-initialised at the start of the following season.