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I am based in the UK and don’t travel, can you help me?

Yes, we help many businesses across the UK who don’t travel for business, we can get you a much better deal for your UK mobile use.

What is your minimum term contract?

Our minimum term contract is only a no-commitment, 30 days. This gives you the freedom to change your mobile plans and tariffs as your individual needs change, without penalties.

I can’t see my sector, can you still help?

Yes, the sectors shown on our website are just a few that we have selected to give an idea of the many sectors across commerce and industry that we cover. We can definitely help you reduce your mobile charges, whatever business sector you operate in.

Why should I move from my existing mobile contract?

If you feel that you may be overpaying for your mobile use, either in the UK or for international roaming, then it is a good idea to look at the savings we can make for you. Our shorter contract length of only 30 days also gives you full flexibility to change plans as your business needs change.

Are handsets included?

You don’t have to change your handsets to benefit from the cost savings that we can provide, but if you do want to consider new handsets as part of your plan, then we can definitely help.

What technology funding options do you offer?

We can offer a number of hardware funding options for your handsets, or other related hardware, take a look at our technology funding options page here for all the information.

Are you tied to one mobile network?

No. We are not affiliated with a single mobile network and this independence allows us to build you a tariff plan that is tailored to your actual business mobile usage and future needs.

What if I travel outside of Europe?

This is where we can make the biggest savings for you, navigating the complex international networks on your behalf whilst simplifying the entire process.

Do you offer solutions for other countries?

Although we don’t cover every region, there are many countries where we can offer Sims that offer excellent value, with only one point of billing, UK based customer service and all dealt with in English language.

How do I get started?

Simply contact us using the form below, we’ll then get in touch to take a little more information to enable us to show you the savings we can make on your UK or international mobile use. Want to speak on the phone? Call us now on +44 (0) 3300 555 777.

Quorn Hall School
RoamingExpert testimonial
Their friendly and extremely helpful staff made the decision to use RoamingExpert an easy one. I have found them quick and efficient with a solution focused attitude which was very helpful for us during our transition. The RoamingExpert team are always very quick to respond to urgent matters, they provide an efficient and proactive approach that helps us immensely when we are busy and need things sorted promptly. Peter Flower has been exceptional in monitoring our usage and alerting us to any areas that can save us money.

Anna Fitzpatrick – Deputy Head, Quorn Hall School

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