Meet the team

As our name suggests, we’re an expert team, dedicated to reducing your mobile costs.
Here’s a brief overview of the team who make up RoamingExpert. We believe our people are our number one asset as a business, and they all share a common goal of getting UK businesses a better deal on their domestic and international mobile roaming costs.

Management Team

Sales & Marketing

Peter Flower - Sales Consultant - RoamingExpert

Peter Flower

Sales Consultant

Martin Nivern - Sales Consultant - RoamingExpert

Martin Nivern

Sales Consultant

Jane Jones - Sales Support - RoamingExpert

Jane Jones

Sales Support Team Leader

Russell Lambert

Russell Lambert

Sales Support

Blake Swain-Jones

Blake Swain-Jones

Customer / Sales Support

Gary Walmsley

Marketing Manager

Jackie Romanienko - Marketing Manager - RoamingExpert

Jackie Romanienko

Events Manager

Customer Support

Shimmi Munshi

Customer Support Manager

Matthew Ainsworth - Customer Support - RoamingExpert

Matthew Ainsworth

Customer Support Team Leader

Kayleigh Welfare

Customer Support

Sylwia Janczewska

Sylwia Janczewska

Customer Support


Joanne Maddox - Accounts Assistant - RoamingExpert

Joanne Maddox

Accounts Assistant

Sara Porter

Accounts Assistant


Andrew Wharton - Billing Manager - RoamingExpert

Andrew Wharton

Billing Manager

Graham Wharton - Billing Support - RoamingExpert

Graham Wharton

Billing Support

Yachts Division

Suzie Hine - Sales Manager - RoamingExpert

Suzie Hine

Commercial Sales Director | Yachts Division

Caroline Dawkins - Customer Support Manager - RoamingExpert

Caroline Dawkins

Commercial Sales Manager | Yachts Division

Technical Support

Stan Gailiss - Technical Support - RoamingExpert

Stan Gailiss

Technical Support

Meeter / Greeter

Archie - Meeter / Greeter - RoamingExpert