Roaming charges in Europe

Europe Roaming charges: Since the UK’s exit from the EU, many European mobile users have experienced a resurgence of EU roaming charges, which they find unwelcome. Some UK providers have added these charges, resulting in many customers receiving unexpected and escalating bills. The issue has been further compounded by companies guaranteeing no roaming charges, despite applying them. Local networks also apply connection charges, which providers pass on to customers as fees.

EU Roaming charges

The market for SIM offers is saturated, and customers may struggle to choose the right deal. However, RoamingExpert has gained popularity since Brexit by securing global contracts with providers. With no regulation in place, some providers have taken advantage by increasing roaming fees for unsuspecting customers.

EU roaming charges- Image of European Union flag

Europe roaming charges - A new solution: FLEXeSIM

The company’s aim to simplify the market even further will come to fruition with the launch of the FLEXeSIM in 2023. The new FLEXeSIM solution offers either 25GB or 50GB tariffs. These are separated into Europe, World, or World+ plans. Customers can enter their destinations on the website to make it even more convenient, which shows the plans with the required coverage. This saves time and ensures that customers only select the required amount of data.

Travellers fall pray to roaming charges in the EU

“Without agreed-upon EU legislation governing the application of roaming charges, customers face an uncertain future, according to Mark Pattman, the MD of RoamingExpert. However, the company believes the new FLEXeSIM will solve the issue of Europe and roaming charges. FLEXeSIM is designed to remove the risk of accidental roaming charges, allowing travellers to stay connected and within budget.

In Conclusion: Roaming charges in the EU moving forward

In conclusion, it is essential to understand that roaming charges in the EU apply, and there is no regulation for fee structures. Travellers should recognise these charges and pre-empt and opt for a bespoke mobile roaming solution from RoamingExpert.

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