Why It’s Important to Pre-empt Your Mobile Usage When Going on Holiday

Mobile For Holiday

Since the UK’s departure from the European Union, the matter of overseas roaming has become even more intricate and challenging to comprehend. Previously, you could travel to Europe without concerns about excessive mobile roaming charges, but the situation is now less straightforward.

If you venture outside of Europe, it is highly unlikely that a standard mobile phone contract will include a roaming allowance. Even if some providers permit UK contract holders to utilise their voice and data allowances within the EU, this will not extend to other destinations.

For this reason, it is crucial to carefully assess your mobile usage requirements and thoroughly examine the terms and conditions of your contract before embarking on a holiday. Otherwise, you may find yourself unexpectedly liable for excessive roaming charges.

The Reality of Roaming Charges

Voice and data roaming costs vary significantly depending on the location, with some countries imposing prohibitively expensive charges. For instance, in places like Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey, mobile data roaming charges can range from £5.00 to £10.00 per megabyte.

To put this into perspective, a single high-resolution image can have a file size of anything from 2 MB to more than 10 MB.

This gives an idea of the potential costs you could be looking at if your current agreement does not include a viable roaming allowance for your destination.

Therefore, it is essential to consider all potential costs before you travel and opt for the most cost-effective solution, such as a specialised short-term plan from RoamingExpert.

Managing Excessive Data Consumption Abroad

Once considered an optional luxury, mobile devices have become integral to the lifestyles of most individuals. However, many everyday activities involving mobile devices are surprisingly data-intensive.

Activities such as using GPS, live streaming, running apps with background location data, sending attachments, and relying on data-dependent push notifications (from email or social media apps) can quickly accumulate costs when travelling abroad.

While the conventional approach may involve limiting device usage, doing so can diminish the enjoyment and add complexity to overseas travel.

Our Bespoke Mobile Roaming Agreements:

At RoamingExpert, we recognize that every traveller has unique needs, whether for business or leisure. That’s why we specialise in creating personalized mobile roaming agreements that precisely cater to your exact requirements.

Here’s how we ensure your satisfaction while saving you money during your travels:

    1. Understanding Your Device Usage: Our approach revolves around you. We take the time to understand your specific needs, ensuring that every aspect of our service is tailored to suit you perfectly. With Roaming Expert, you’ll receive precisely what you need and nothing unnecessary.
    2. Analysing Your Travel Plans: We go beyond the basics and consider every destination you plan to visit. By doing so, we craft an agreement that saves you money while providing the connectivity you require during your entire trip. No more unnecessary charges or restrictions.
    3. Implementing a Short-Term Agreement: Once we finalise the terms and conditions that align with your travel requirements, we put your customised agreement into action. With our comprehensive coverage, you can confidently travel, knowing that you have a cost-effective solution in place

    Why Pay More?

    With RoamingExpert, you can save money with a bespoke agreement and enjoy an exceptional roaming experience. You’ll benefit from unbeatable coverage and dedicated support, whilst reducing your voice and data charges. Get in touch with RoamingExpert today and discover how we can save you money while enhancing the service you receive.

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