FrogBox & RoamingExpert, a winning combination


Experience the revolutionary transformation of Cricket with FrogBox & RoamingExpert!


Unlock a world of possibilities for your clubs, associations, and fans.


Combined with a FrogBox streaming pass, your captivating content can be viewed anywhere. Wherever your fans are, they won’t miss a single moment of the action!


The innovative FrogBox system opens up new horizons by offering customized productions that not only enhance the viewing experience but also provide an additional revenue source through sponsors and advertising.


You can showcase your live action, highlights, overlays, and scores seamlessly integrated with the UK software app ‘Play Cricket Scorer’ and the Australian app’s ‘My Cricket’ and ‘PlayHQ’.


All of our SIMs (02, Vodafone, EE) feature unlimited data, full-speed, priority business SIMs. All SIMs are available on a 30-day contract, allowing you to turn the SIM on at the start of the season and off at the end, ensuring you only pay for what you use.


Your club’s matches will come to life, ensuring that every moment is captured with utmost clarity.

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