RoamingExpert celebrate 10 yr anniversary with fresh look

roamingexpert new brand logo

RoamingExpert, the flexible UK and global mobile specialist, are honouring a landmark moment this year as they celebrate their tenth anniversary. To mark this milestone, the company is delighted to reveal their fresh new look and brand, designed to better reflect the growth and diversification of the business since its formation in 2012.

Having been founded through a desire to do things differently and reinvent the way in which businesses look at their mobile packages, flexibility has always been at the heart of RoamingExpert’sapproach. It is this ethos that has seen them build an unmatched reputation for client service and taken them into new fields, enjoying strong growth in the motorsport and yachting sectors.

It is this growth and diversification that Founder and Managing Director, Mark Pattman, wishes to reflect in the business’ new look as they reflect proudly on their journey over the past decade.

“The shape and breadth of RoamingExpert has changed enormously since our birth in 2012 and I am hugely proud of what we have achieved together as a team. While the importance of giving our clients the greatest amount of flexibility and ownership over their mobile data packages as possible remains a constant in our work, we have grown our offering both domestically in the UK and abroad as well as expanding into new sectors in the shape of marine, yachting and international motorsport.”

“As a business, our inception came as the result of a frustration with suppliers being unable to deliver a truly flexible and bespoke solution – so we decided to build it for ourselves. Ironically, our business has grown much in the same way. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and making a real difference to our clients. Therefore, it is unsurprising that it is our clients who have led us into new sectors where we have worked to, again, deliver a truly flexible and bespoke solution for our clients where their existing suppliers were unable to do so.”

While the scope and scale of RoamingExpert may have changed over the past decade, Mark is firm in his belief that the ethos of the company remains true to what it always has been.

“My ethos has always been that I never want people to look at our company in the way that I look at others. The mobile phone industry has its problems reputationally, and we are proud to stand out from the crowd and act differently to many others in our field.”

“It’s easy to view RoamingExpert as a business service but for us as a team, it is about more than that – we are a business benefit. Not only can we help with huge operational savings, but we can provide a whole new level of flexibility and live reporting that ensures your bills are always as cost efficient as they can be. It is not for me to say how great we are, but we take a huge deal of pride that the vast majority of our longest-serving clients remain with us today.”

While their client-first nature and ethos remain true to their initial approach, Mark reflects that their first decade of growth is testament to their team, its can-do attitude and their loyalty and continued hard work.

“Culture runs through everything here at RoamingExpert. As a team, we work together but we also have a great deal of fun together. I think you can work incredibly hard, deliver a great service for your clients, and still have fun at the same time. We are lucky to have such a dynamic and enthusiastic team, and nothing shows that more than the loyalty and length of service that our staff have given to us here at RoamingExpert.”

“While the business is celebrating its tenth anniversary, I am proud to congratulate both Jackie Romanienko, our Marketing Manager, and Andrew Wharton, our Billing Manager, on their own ten-year anniversaries having been with us from the very beginning. The simplest way for our business to grow is for our people to grow and we remain committed to that. Jackie and Andrew are fantastic examples of that.”

The fresh rebrand of RoamingExpert marks the end of one chapter of the business’ story but also the start of an exciting, new era too of which Mark is encouraged and enthused by.

“As a team, we are excited at what lies ahead for us here at RoamingExpert. In this post-pandemic era, the importance of ensuring your team remains connected despite being increasingly disparate is ever more important. Our services play a huge role in that, and we take great pride in helping our clients stay connected all across the globe, and in our own way, contributing to their continued growth along the way as well.”

Marketing Manager, Jackie Romanienko, shares in Mark’s excitement surrounding the launch of the new brand and details how this is the first step in a number of changes moving forward.

“We are proud to reveal our new brand as we jump into our second decade in operation. It is important that not only do we recognise our first ten years in trading but also ensure that our branding and communications efforts reflect the changing shape of our business.”

“Our specialism is not only centred around roaming packages but in mobile communications as a whole. We relish supporting our variety of clients in a huge number of ways and we look forward to reflecting that even further with our continuous efforts. While we are delighted to reveal our new logo and company look today, this shall be explored even further with the launch of our new website in October 2022.”

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