RHI Industrials

Case Study

About RHI Industrials

RHI Industrials are Security Integration Specialists providing Physical and Electronic Security Solutions to the UK’s major utility companies and partners.


With their Head Office based in Carlisle and divisions across several other regions across the UK the company provides: Critical National Infrastructure Facilities, Electricity Transmission and Distribution, Power Stations, Wind Farms, Gas Transmission and Distribution Facilities, LNG Regasification and Storage Facilities, while developing in wider sectors.


RHI are also recognised as market leaders in Earthing Protection Systems, Earthing System Design, Earthing System Testing and Surge Protection.

The problem…

Before coming on board as a valued RoamingExpert client, some ten years ago, the business had experienced what they felt was poor management of their mobile account through the service providers that were in place at the time.


They had seen escalating costs for their UK mobile use, but also for their international roaming charges that were increasing rapidly as the team were becoming ever more internationally active in visiting clients and on-site activities.


They were also concerned about the lack of proactiveness, not having access to usage information and not being regularly reviewed for cost efficiency. This led to a feeling of frustration and inability to have clarity on the financial aspects of their account.

The solution…

After carrying out an in-depth audit of RHI’s historical mobile use both domestically and internationally, we submitted a proposal to optimise the company’s mobile usage and reduce costs and remove unneeded aspects of their existing tariffs.

When we were appointed shortly after this process, we immediately assigned a personal Account Manager to the business, who would be in place to be a first point of contact on any matters arising where they needed expert and informed customer support.

Since that time, we have consistently reviewed the businesses individual needs and we provide a quarterly report where any recommendations are outlined and further cost reducing opportunities highlighted.

Over the course of this long term relationship we have saved the business many thousands of pounds on mobile costs and we continue to monitor and advise them proactively to further improve cost savings.

RHI Industrials - RoamingExpert Case Study
RoamingExpert testimonial

I have worked with RoamingExpert on the day-to-day running of our account for over ten years. During that time the staff at RoamingExpert have been unfailingly helpful.


They respond to any enquiries or requests quickly and efficiently and are always friendly and professional. Nothing ever seems to be too insignificant or too much trouble. With regards to usage and billing, the online billing service is very useful and the quarterly report and recommendations from our account manager underlines the commitment from RoamingExpert to understand their customer’s requirements.


They provide a really personal service. They take the trouble to get to know their clients. We have had no major issues in the years that we have used them and based on my experience I would highly recommend them.

Brigid Dennison
Office Manager, RHI Industrials Ltd