Case Study

About Face2Face

Face2Face Contact Ltd is a nationwide home and business property visiting service across multiple sectors with extensive experience, particularly in working with the Utilities industry.


The business provides services that include Utility Services Visits, which can include gas and electricity meter readings, through to document delivery and document exchange for items such as legal forms, application forms and collection of completed documents.


The company was formed in 2006 as a result of a management buyout of the Field Services department of a leading European Credit Management organisation.

The problem…

Face2Face had two different mobile contracts that were running at different cycles, both of these were with one network and the client expressed their preference to stay on this network.

As they felt that the current contract was inflexible and represented higher costs than they believed they should be paying, they approache RoamingExpert to give them a more flexible mobile contract that would offer them cost savings over their current tariffs.

The solution…

After careful analysis of a short segment of Face2Face’s previous billing from their current network provider, we identified that instead of the two standard contracts, we could offer them a single 30 day rolling contract that would make large cost savings in comparison to their existing deal.


The client has now gone on to have around 80 connections with us and the shorter, no-commitment contract, means that they have the peace of mind of being able to change and implement our recommendations at short-notice.


The client reported back that, as well as the welcome cost savings, they have also found the online billing service very useful, as well as their quarterly report and recommendations from our dedicated account manager.

RoamingExpert testimonial

I have to say that they have been brilliant to deal with on a day-to-day basis. We are on rolling monthly contracts for our connections (for coming up to 12 months, now) so that we can rapidly scale up and down and have found the level of customer service absolutely superb; attentive, responsive and unlike our previous supplier, we seem to be cared for on a personal level rather than just being a number in a large corporate machine or “another sale” that goes towards a bonus and getting forgotten about once we were signed up.

Neil Edden
Face2Face Contact Ltd