What can I do About my Soaring Mobile Roaming Charges

What can I do About my Soaring Mobile Roaming Charges

Mobile roaming charges can be a significant expense for travellers, especially if you frequently travel abroad for business or leisure. These charges can add up quickly and potentially leave you with a huge bill at the end of your trip.

However, there are ways to reduce or avoid mobile roaming charges and save money on your mobile bill. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways for dealing with soaring mobile roaming charges.


Having the right roaming plan in place

The first step in reducing mobile roaming charges is to choose the right mobile plan that offers international roaming options or include roaming as part of the service.

Whilst this can be reasonably effective in reducing roaming charges, a better solution can be to partner with a company that can get you a much better customised roaming solution for your specific business needs.

Such a solution provider will expertly analyse your previous billing from your network provider(s) and then provide you with a comprehensive summary of the cost savings that can be achieved by using the service.


Should I use free WiFi to reduce roaming costs?

One of the ways many business mobile users attempt to reduce their mobile roaming charges is to use Wi-Fi whenever it is available.

Most hotels, airports and cafes offer free Wi-Fi, which can save on data and roaming charges when you need to access emails or other online tools.

This can be a way to ensure data charges are kept under control, but the downside is the constant need to be logging in and out of WiFi services and the sometimes slow bandwidth that has to be endured when many users are trying to access the same WiFi network.

A better solution comes with a little pre-planning and using the services of a business that has the knowledge and expertise to reduce and control your international roaming costs, therefore allowing you to use data freely and without concern for the cost.


Disabling your data roaming

Disabling data roaming on your mobile device can help prevent accidental data usage and roaming charges. Data roaming allows your device to access mobile data networks in other countries, which can be expensive.

Again, the downside of this is that you don’t have the access to your essential business communications, social media and business apps for long periods of time which can create anxiety and the missing of crucial business communications.

Having the right roaming data plan in place from the start can mean that there is no need to disable data roaming, as you are secure in the knowledge that your plan covers you for all of your potential business roaming requirements.


Roaming charges back under control

A company that specialises in reducing international roaming charges, like the dedicated team at RoamingExpert, means that there is peace of mind of knowing that your roaming charges are under firm control and therefore you can roam freely and use apps and data without the need for turning off data on your device. Planning ahead to reduce roaming charges

Planning ahead can help you avoid unexpected charges and save money on your mobile bill. It’s something that RoamingExpert do for clients who travel internationally. They know from vast experience that a little time and effort ahead of planned travel can make significant savings on international roaming charges. In conclusion, there are quite a few ways that canny business travellers can save on roaming charges, but many of the methods come with potential downsides as there is the inconvenience and constant need to be on full alert in the use of your mobile data and apps.


Often a better way, is to rely on the expertise and experience of a company that specialises in reducing roaming charges specifically for business travellers, so that everything is in place at the outset of travel and peace of mind in place allowing you to focus on what you do best, running your business!

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