RoamingExpert Strengthens Partnership with MB Partner Programme Through BTCC Sponsorship

After several successful years as a member of the MB Partner programme, RoamingExpert has decided to expand its presence into the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) arena. In an exciting move, RoamingExpert’s logo will grace the livery of Jake Hill’s BMW for the thrilling 2024 season, marking a significant milestone in their partnership with MBP.


Since joining the MB Partner programme in 2020, RoamingExpert has actively engaged in numerous networking events, forging valuable connections with partners from various industries. These interactions have not only led to business opportunities, with some partners becoming customers, but have also fostered strong friendships within the MBP community.


Mark Pattman, Managing Director of RoamingExpert, expressed his enthusiasm about the extended collaboration, stating, “We have a fantastic relationship with the whole MBP team, and it was perfect to be able to strengthen it further with the sponsorship opportunity to go on Jake’s car.

We have a passion for networking and cannot wait to fully immerse ourselves in the BTCC season and engage with fellow sponsors.


This sponsorship not only underscores RoamingExpert’s commitment to its partnership with MBP but also highlights its dedication to supporting exciting ventures like the BTCC.


As RoamingExpert gears up to embark on this new chapter alongside MBP and the BTCC, the company remains poised to seize opportunities, strengthen relationships, and make a lasting impact in the world of business and motorsport.

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