How is your business adapting to the new normal?

How is your business adapting to the new normal?

The working world is now a lot different from six months ago and is set to continue for the foreseeable future. With all the ‘new normal’ working scenarios now in place, how is your business adapting to the change?

It has been widely reported in the news and media that many businesses are now re-evaluating how they work, with some seeing increased performance from employees working from home. Other companies are looking at what is now business-critical and how they can reduce costs. Some businesses are now looking at having staff working permanently from home due to increased productivity and cost savings being made on running an office.

For RoamingExpert, we purchased a large new office before the COVID-19 lockdown to accommodate our increased workforce, which we are looking forward to moving into shortly. Throughout the pandemic, due to the nature of our business, we have been fortunate enough to not furlough any staff and continue to run the business as normal.

Due to the changes in work practice, we have noticed that the usage patterns of a lot of our customers have changed significantly. One of the benefits we offer our customers is regular account reviews, which we have been working on a lot over the last few months. In these uncertain times, we have been monitoring customer usage and bills, examining any changes to make sure they are still on a tariff to suit their requirements.

Mark Pattman, Managing Director of RoamingExpert said “With a lot of staff now working from home, the way business is done has now totally changed, even for us. Instead of going to meet a client, Zoom meetings are happening and a lot more time is being spent making calls on mobile phones.”

A simple thing often overlooked is having the correct mobile tariff in place. Most people just see the headline figure of X amount of pounds per month including a phone of your choice, but don’t look into the full details. For example, your plan includes 10GB data per month, which can be used in X countries, but what happens if you exceed this amount, do you know what you are then charged? Or another example, now you are working from home and phoning your colleague who works in America, how much are you being charged for these calls and do you have the correct discount bundles in place?

Here at RoamingExpert we know that no two businesses’ mobile usage is the same, which is why we build all our customer’s bespoke plans. Working with the main UK networks we offer flexible contracts, which are analysed regularly by your Account Manager to ensure your tariff meets your changing requirements.

If you would like to see how RoamingExpert can help your business save 20-50% savings compared with your current mobile provider, please get in touch.

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