Eye on Roaming Charges USA & Canada

Eye on roaming USA & Canada

Why Is It So Expensive To Use Mobiles In the USA & Canada?

For businesses that frequently travel abroad, trying to make sense of country-specific roaming charges can be a challenge. If you or your workforce head overseas for business purposes on a regular basis, you’ve probably found yourself questioning why it is that some countries charge so much more than others for mobile device coverage. Something that doesn’t come as a huge surprise in some regions, but isn’t what you would expect from world-leading economies like those of the United States and Canada. Travelling to these countries can result in shockingly elevated mobile costs, leaving business owners wondering how they can get away with charging such exorbitant prices.


Why is it so expensive to use Mobiles in Canada?

Far from the first place you’d normally think of where high mobile costs are concerned, Canada is actually quite infamous for its elevated prices. Recent data published by Marketplace – a CBC consumer affairs program – indicated that the average Canadian can pay as much as 700% more than a UK mobile user per GB.

One of the contributing factors to this high pricing is the lack of any legal obligation on Canadian telecom providers to adhere to fair use pricing structures. As a result, they have limitless freedom in setting roaming rates, leading to inflated costs for residents and travellers alike.


Why is it so expensive to use Mobiles in the USA?

The United States doesn’t fare a great deal better where affordable roaming services are concerned.  Though it’s a slightly different story as to why – in this case a near total lack of competition in the telecommunications sector. According to the Milken Institute Review, two out of every five households in the US have coverage from only one or two providers, minimising competition for domestic users.

As a result, providers have little to no incentive to offer particularly competitive deals, given how the vast majority of consumers have no choice but to use their services regardless.


A 2022 report from Cable.co.uk shows that 1GB of data in the US costs an average of $5.62, while the same amount in the UK is a mere $0.79. This gives you some idea of the kinds of costs you could be looking at if you were to pay the standard rate for data usage during a business trip to North America.


At RoamingExpert, we understand the challenges faced by UK businesses when dealing with overseas roaming costs, especially in the USA and Canada. Our bespoke mobile roaming services are designed to lighten the financial burden of international travel, providing tailored solutions that suit your specific business needs.


Here’s how our bespoke agreements can save you a lot of money when travelling anywhere, including the USA and Canada:

  1. Cost-Effective Plans: Our team analyses your mobile usage patterns and destinations to create a bespoke agreement, tailored from scratch around your unique requirements.
  2. Transparent Pricing: With our bespoke roaming services, you’ll receive clear and transparent pricing structures, with absolutely no hidden costs or unexpected extras.
  3. Enhanced Coverage: Our customised plans allow you to stay connected in the broadest possible range of locations, with superior coverage at competitive prices.
  4. Priority Customer Support: As part of your bespoke service, you’ll receive priority customer support to ensure that any roaming-related issues you have are promptly addressed.
  5. Flexibility: We understand that business travel can be unpredictable. Our flexible agreements cater to your changing needs, accommodating alterations in data usage or destinations. 


Whether ready to get started or simply curious about how a bespoke agreement with RoamingExpert could benefit your business, we’d be delighted to provide you with an obligation-free consultation at your convenience.

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