2020 a year to remember?! Here’s what we think

2020 a year to remember

As for all businesses, 2020 turned out to be a challenging year with the global pandemic throwing everything up in the air!


Here at RoamingExpert, we had the whole year mapped out with industry-specific trade shows and a full sales & marketing plan in place. The year started well exhibiting at the Business Travel Show in February, but that’s pretty much where our plans started and finished!


With continued business growth we required a larger office to accommodate the growing team. In March a new office was purchased, with double the amount of space offering plenty of space to grow into. This was a huge step for RoamingExpert as previously all offices had been rented.


“I was thrilled that RoamingExpert had come so far, that I was in the position to purchase our own office for the company to grow into” Mark Pattman, Managing Director RoamingExpert.


The end of March arrived and the whole of the UK was placed in a national lockdown. All our plans were now out the window and our office move on hold. It was clear that a new path was needed for the business for 2020.


“There is no doubt about it the pandemic was a huge blow to us as a business, but the time saved on trade shows and travel gave the team a chance to focus on all our accounts and get ready for hopefully a much better year in 2021.” Mark Pattman, RoamingExpert Managing Director.


As most staff were now working from home with no travel, mobile phone usage patterns were changing significantly. More time is not only being spent on mobiles, but due to the travel limitations in place many more international calls from the UK are being made. All our Account Managers started analysing their customer accounts making sure their tariff still suits their requirements and if not offering solutions to the client.


With the new office move finally complete and ready in October, due to the extra space we had, allowed for the whole team to get back in the office. This provided a much-needed boost in morale for the team being back together, however as we all know unfortunately this didn’t last too long due to COVID restrictions.


Since establishing RoamingExpert in 2012, the company has gone from strength to strength, even throughout 2020 global pandemic. Going forward into 2021 we aim to keep evolving our offering for customers and potential clients, whilst ensuring a high level of customer service is provided.

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