Heavy air cargo charter specialists.

Based in Russia, Ruslan International, part of Antonov Airlines and Volga-Dnepr Airlines has a fleet of cargo planes which fly worldwide. 

Whilst exhibiting at Farnborough Airshow we met Ruslan who explained they were spending on average £26k per month on their mobile bill, with the main cost being roaming charges.

"I had meetings with all the large mobile providers, who were able to offer some bill reductions, but I was not convinced by their billing projections, which sometimes appeared questionable, even misleading. When I met with Mark from RoamingExpert, firstly I was struck by how knowledgeable he was about the entire mobile phone industry, but also by how honest and transparent his demeanour was."

"I can absolutely recommend RoamingExpert as a high quality and unique mobile phone provider and actively do."

"In our initial meeting, Mark predicted that RoamingExpert could provide a cost reduction of about 20% which has proved to be quite accurate."

"In addition to these savings, we are also benefiting from a very personalised, fast and friendly approach to support and assistance with any issues we have, that the larger providers simply cannot provide, due to their size."

Nathan Wright, IT Manager

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