Managing crew transfer vessels for the offshore windfarm market.

Created under Norse Management UK Ltd., Njord Offshore provide first class support to crew, minimising any risk whilst at sea.

Due to the amount of time spent at sea the mobile roaming bills for staff were increasing, which is when Njord Offshore started looking for a solution and came to us.

“RoamingExpert are great. They saved us a small fortune by rationalising the contracts and tariffs we had with various mobile voice and data providers. The service is excellent as well, always happy to help if we ever experience problems (extremely rare) or want to explore something new (more often).”

"We were impressed with RoamingExpert beyond the initial setup they have been brilliant in providing "after market" support."

"Being responsive to the needs of a small business is what we look for in a service provider and we highly recommend RoamingExpert on this basis.”

Andrew Thwaites, Technical Director

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