Is your mobile essential to you?

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Is your mobile essential to you?

New research reveals UK consumers believe they can’t do without the internet and mobile phones.

The study carried out by Ofcom 1 as part of on-going work to ensure consumers receive value for money from their communications services examined which communications services were considered ‘essential’ in day to day life and if they were affordable.

Claudio Pollack, Ofcom’s Consumer Group Director said “We’re working to ensure that all consumers can benefit from the communications services which are most important for modern life.”
95% of households now have at least one mobile phone, 84% have a landline and 82% have an internet connection.2

The report found mobiles and the internet were the most essential to UK consumers with the following figures:3

  • 61% consumers rated voice services (mobile or landline) as essential
  • 59% considered mobile voice or text services as essential
  • 57% regarded personal internet access essential.

Age was also found to play a key factor in the report with 61% of people aged 75+ considering landline telephone services essential, compared with only 12% aged 16-24. Whereas accessing the internet via smartphone was considered essential by 53% aged 16-24, but to no one aged 75+.

In the technology driven world we now live in mobile devices are an essential to most. For businesses mobile devices enable workers the ability to stay in touch with the office and access essential information including the web and emails whilst on the go.

Just accessing things classed as ‘essentials’ whilst roaming can significantly increase your mobile bill due to the roaming charges incurred. If you require the ‘essentials’ whilst travelling outside the UK for business, why not get in touch and see how we can help make savings on your current bills.

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