How to Guide on Reducing Mobile Roaming Rates

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reduce mobile roaming rates

With many people travelling regularly for work and pleasure, mobile roaming charges and the costs involved are regularly documented within the news and press.

When travelling outside of your mobile provider’s home country you are classed as ‘roaming’ and this will incur charges.

Roaming charges are traditionally charged per minute and are decided by the network provider themselves. Within the EU price caps have now been introduced, but outside the EU there are no set prices for roaming charges meaning the rates tend to be much higher.

So why do so many people fall victim to bill shock?

  • Not aware of how much data tasks use
  • Not aware of the cost of roaming charges
  • The correct roaming tariff is not in place

How can bill shock be avoided?

  • Switch off data roaming if it’s not needed
  • Use free Wi-Fi where possible
  • Check your network roaming charges before travelling
  • Add a roaming bolt on to your contract for the month you are travelling

The above steps can be taken to keep roaming costs to a minimum and are ideal for people travelling for pleasure. However for employees working on the go it is essential to stay connected to the office whilst travelling. Therefore, it is important to have the correct roaming package in place to suit your needs.

RoamingExpert help UK businesses reduce their mobile roaming rates by building bespoke tariffs tailored to their requirements.

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