How many tablets does your home have?

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How many tablets does your home have?

Research done by Ofcom has found that more than half of homes in the UK now own a tablet.

Kate Reeve, Director of Consumer Research at Ofcom, said: “In just five years, tablets have become a must-have device for millions of UK households.
“We’re using them to catch up with the news, watch our favourite soaps and keep the kids entertained, with around one in three 5-15 year olds having their own tablet.”1

Ofcom Tablet Infographic

The Rise of the Tablet infographic2 above shows a massive increase across all age groups for the ownership of a tablet over the last few years. This confirms tablets are fast becoming a must have device.

At RoamingExpert we have seen an increase in tablets usage across our client base. The fact tablets can be easily transported and do many of the functions of a pc make them the ideal piece of technology to use for working on the go.

Mark Pattman, Managing Director, RoamingExpert commented “Over the last few years we have seen an increase in sales of data sims for clients wanting to use their tablets abroad. Along with a mobile phone, tablets are starting to become an essential piece of technology for business users working abroad.”

RoamingExpert can offer business customers mobile roaming voice & data or data only tariffs to suit their needs when travelling. Working with all the main UK networks we build bespoke roaming tariffs to help make customers significant savings on their mobile roaming costs.


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