Medea Capital Partners Limited

A merchant bank that specialises in natural resources, particularly the Mining and Oil & Gas sectors.

Medea Capital Partners are specialists in Mining and Oil & Gas with in-depth experience across the full spectrum of index-based and contract-based commodities and specific expertise in emerging markets.

Travelling frequently to Africa, Australia and beyond, Medea Capital Partners came to us looking for a way to reduce their significant mobile and roaming costs.

"Being responsive to the needs of a small business is what we look for in a service provider and we highly recommend RoamingExpert on this basis."

"We were impressed with RoamingExpert as, despite our small size, they treated us with great personal service and beyond the initial set-up have been brilliant in providing "after market" support and troubleshooting with the various IT problems that inevitably crop up."

David Henry, Executive Director

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