Mobile roaming solutions for data users

If you travel abroad for business and regularly use your laptop or mobile phone, you are probably all too aware of unexpected roaming charges.
Whether sending documents, reading emails or browsing the web you will have found data charges vary greatly between networks and countries. If you don’t know the market as we do, this could be a potential minefield.

Do you know how much data you use?

Are you aware of how much data picking up an email or sending a simple text message uses? Here are a few examples of how your data is being used.
0.5Mb – used to send 25 plain text messages
0.5Mb – used to send 1 document
1Mb – used to stream music for 1 minute
3Mb – used on a connected app for 1 minute
3.5Mb – used to view 20 web pages
Doing any or all of the above can have a significant effect on your monthly data usage.

Roaming Data Charges
In the EU, price caps are in place for downloading data, with 1MB of data capped at 38p (ex VAT). Outside of Europe roaming charges are a lot higher and vary hugely between the networks.

Roaming Data Savings
At RoamingExpert we help businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve significant savings on their data roaming charges. By building your company a bespoke tariff we ensure you have enough data to meet your needs and suit where you travel, whilst making savings. Not being on a generic standard network tariff ensures you only pay for your requirements.

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