Passionate about helping customers reduce their roaming charges.

RoamingExpert is an independent and unique business formed to tackle the problem of high mobile roaming costs for businesses. We help thousands of businesses save money and avoid large international roaming bills. Our specialist team of experts will ensure your business benefits from the lowest tariffs possible.

By building a bespoke tariff tailored to each customer’s individual needs we can make significant savings compared with current bills.

We understand everyone's needs are different depending on where they travel and whether they require minutes, data or a mixture of both. Bearing in mind the amount of variables it is almost impossible to draw up a 'one price fits all' tariff list. Instead of a set tariff sheet we build all our customers a bespoke package tailored to their individual needs.

Working with all the main networks allows us to build customers packages to suit their requirements and usage patterns. To ensure all our clients make the best savings, we analyse their current bills to ensure we fully understand each company’s mobile usage.

Using only your SIM card wherever you travel for business, our service covers usage in nearly all countries worldwide.

As our customer you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • We work in reverse to the networks - We don’t have a standard tariff list, and instead, build a tariff specifically based around your usage. This takes into account data usage, minutes required (although it’s normally unlimited now anyway), international calls from the UK, and roaming usage.
  • Flexibility - As we bill in house, we are able to be incredibly flexible on the tariffs that we build. We particularly focus on the international and roaming elements as these are often where the largest charges occur.
  • Not affiliated to any one UK network - We don’t have an allegiance to any network and are able to offer plans on Vodafone, EE, and O2 on a 30 day rolling basis. We can even bill multiple networks on the same invoice.
  • Excellent customer service & technical support - As we are an SME as opposed to a large corporate entity, you will build relationships with our staff very quickly and always deal with the same people.
  • Account set up - When an account is initially set up, we will add various alerts to ensure there are no surprises at the end of a month. These include:
    o Percentage of shared data bundle used. If you have 250GB shared, for example, there would be an email alert when 50%, 75%, 90%, and 100% of the bundle was used.
    o Individual data usage – you may set this at 5 or 10GB per user, but can be for any amount required and doesn’t have to be the same for each user.
    o Individual spend – a figure can be set for individual users, and an email alert sent out when this is hit.
  • Easy to understand billing - all your mobile numbers, across all networks, combined on one monthly invoice.
  • Access to our online portal - We have a very easy to use online billing portal. This allows you to see past invoices and also to view unbilled call data.
  • Regular account reviews - We conduct quarterly audits of accounts. This ensures that you are on the best plan and network for each individual user.
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